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Welcome to Green Route

Who We Are

Green Route is a leading horticulture, landscaping and construction company with a focus on providing the technically viable designs on a turnkey basis while maintaining the highest level of esthetics.

In order to meet and exceed the customer expectations, we partner with leading companies of Pakistan and the Middle East in their respective fields. Our construction partners include the likes of Mazhar Shaban Associates, Amir Ali Dada & Associates, Design Studio 101, ADCO Pvt. Ltd. and Saudik Contracting Co. Ltd.

Our ability to procure construction and horticultural products is enhanced by our global network of suppliers and producers. In addition, our own plant nurseries and agricultural holdings enable us to meet unique client needs and requirements.

Green Route is a socially responsible organization that recognizes the impact of climate change, deforestation and urbanization on the environment. Green Route remains dedicated to reducing the impact of climate change, deforestation and urbanization on the environment.

We sincerely hope that our communities will join hands in creating a greener and an environmentally friendly Pakistan for our future generations.


What makes us special?

Green Route is much more than a business. It is a unique initiative; a contribution to the Pakistan’s dream of a greener tomorrow. Unlike other plant shops in the region, our target market is not the expert gardener, but rather the gardening novice. We have taken upon ourselves the challenge of teaching the population about plants and gardening, and of driving them towards it in the hope of a better future for us all.

With a vibrant team that has over 25 years of experience in the industry, at Green Route finding the exact plant you are looking for will be an absolutely simple task.

Green Route is a sole online store where customers can browse to find multitudes of plant varieties to suit their home or office environment without having to get their hands dirty. Our team has an exceptional ability to source out high-quality products including gardening tools for the best rates available in the Pakistani market.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is a greener country and a greener planet. We want to do this by being a household name when it comes to plants and gardening. We want to take urban farming and gardening to the next level. Our vision is to locally cultivate those plants that are currently being imported into the country. We want to develop our Research and Development team to bring in new species of plants to the country, while also supporting the growth of native plants.

Our mission is to add a new dimension to the region’s retail sector by making plants and gardening materials as common as electronics and automobiles.

We aim to change the attitude of the new generation to one of love for nature and Mother Earth. By spreading awareness of the importance of plants, and educating individuals on gardening, we want to ensure youngsters grow up with the right attitude towards our planet.

We also plan on conducting forestation campaigns with the support and help of the government. This is one of our biggest goals and will be a huge step towards a green Pakistan.


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